Raffi Elchemmas


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Innovating for a Safer Workday

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Now more than ever, companies are focusing on how to create a safer working environment for their employees. This session will showcase how companies are innovating PPE to change safety on jobsites across the country and how these innovations are creating a safer working environment, improving user experiences and longevity of a career.


Raffi Elchemmas

Raffi Elchemmas, MBA, AEP, is an industry leading Ergonomist with board certification in professional ergonomics. He completed degrees in Kinesiology at Michigan State University and an MBA in Health Sector Management at DePaul University in Chicago. He has worked in the tool industry for years helping to disrupt the injury prone environment by reducing thousands of work-related ergonomic injuries and helped to quantify millions of dollars in customer savings through ergonomics. After his post-graduate studies in Ergonomics at Harvard University he joined Milwaukee Tool, the most forward-thinking tool company to help reduce and eliminate ergonomic tooling injuries worldwide.

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