Visual Literacy Safety Workshop

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Owens Corning has teamed up with the Toledo Museum of Art with a unique safety-centric approach to hazard recognition and incident investigations.  With hopes of overcoming the complacency found in the workplace, their goal was to identify key types of hazards and to train their employees perception to these types of hazards.


  • Rhonda Hrabchak

    Rhonda Hrabchak, Senior EHS Leader, Owens Corning Roofing & Asphalt Plant

    Ms. Hrabchak has been employed with Owens Corning for 8 years, and has been an EHS Professional for 36 years. Her career includes serving in the Bioenvironmental Engineering Corp of the United States Air Force, working as an OSHA Safety & Health Inspector, Environmental Site Assessment & Remediation Manager, and many years in the commercial printing, beverage & flavoring, and health & beauty product manufacturing industries. Ms. Hrabchak holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Policy and Management, and applies emerging technology and social media platforms to further enhance her professional and consultative services.

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