Visual Literacy, Human Performance and Risk Assessment – How they depend on each other!

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Owens Corning collaborated with the Toledo Museum of Art to create a unique, safety-centric approach to hazard recognition and pre-incident investigations. Two key factors in overcoming complacency in the workplace are applying a fresh approach to identifying risks and training employees as to their perception of these types of hazards.


  • Rhonda Hrabchak

    Rhonda Hrabchak, Senior EHS Leader, Owens Corning Roofing & Asphalt Plant

    Ms. Hrabchak has been employed with Owens Corning for 8 years, and has been an EHS Professional for 36 years. Her career includes serving in the Bioenvironmental Engineering Corp of the United States Air Force, working as an OSHA Safety & Health Inspector, Environmental Site Assessment & Remediation Manager, and many years in the commercial printing, beverage & flavoring, and health & beauty product manufacturing industries. Ms. Hrabchak holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Policy and Management, and applies emerging technology and social media platforms to further enhance her professional and consultative services.