Virtual Reality Technologies in Use for Training and Safety

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This presentation is a general guide through the disruptive innovation changes that are occurring in the training industry, specifically in the building construction trades. From computer mediated learning, to hands on virtual simulations that allow students to interact in real world environments.

The pace of technological advances that allow users to “virtually” work in environments, troubleshoot systems, and understand often dangerous aspects of working in the trades is breathtaking. Technologies by companies such as Microsoft, Google, HTC, Facebook, and others are all available for unique training of today’s construction worker.


  • Mike deSimon

    Mike deSimon is the President and co-owner of Mosaic Learning, an interactive online education and training development firm specializing in interactive media, virtual simulations, and online learning systems. Mike is also a hands-on multimedia expert with years of experience designing and programming for the web, producing video, and developing interactive computer-based learning experiences for adult students in all areas of life, from government and defense industry clients to corporate, Union, and non-profit agencies. Mike has presented at many conventions and conferences on subjects including active learning environments, blended learning classrooms, computer mediated learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other technologies in online learning.