Transforming Supervisors into Safety Leaders

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Breakout Sessions


The ways in which organizations manage their safety and health systems has transformed dramatically over the past 40 years. Workplace safety and health management approaches have evolved from OSHA compliance to hazard prevention; from safety cultural models to continuous improvement models. One increasingly important element which has evolved throughout these phases of change is the concept of employee involvement; the concept that everyone is responsible for workplace safety and health. A key position within an organization which can greatly influence the success of a safety management system is that of a supervisor. The transition from supervisors to safety leaders is often met with hesitation about the unknown. How do I make the transition from supervisor to safety leader? What does this transition roadmap look like? How will I know if I am an effective safety leader? These are all great questions which, at times, are responded with multifaceted answers. This session will take the time to break down the process in simple terms, along with basic first steps a supervisor can follow when making this transition.

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