Public Relations Pitfalls, Before During and After Litigation

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Once an accident has occurred, important steps need to be taken to reduce negative public opinion and publicity. Taking these steps will not only benefit the litigation, but the client’s reputation as well. This session will explain how to take action from the first day of an accident to properly present the client the public.


  • Shari Goggin

    Shari Goggin

    Resnick & Louis, P.C. Attorneys At Law

    Ms. Goggin was a partner with Cozzi & Goggin prior to her current position in Houston, TX. She was also a partner at the Law Firm of Keisler & Berman in Chicago. Prior to that, she was a supervisor and trial attorney at Nationwide Insurance. She was associate and litigation defense counsel for Landau, Omahana & Kopka, managing its Belleville, Ill., office, and supervising more than 30 attorneys. She has been a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney and an assistant public defender. So far in her career, she has in excess of 95 jury and bench trials.

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