Personal Voltage Detection for Electrical Hazard Awareness

Session Type: Breakout Sessions

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This session will feature an in-depth presentation and several demonstrations of electrical fields. Participants will have an opportunity to see personal voltage detectors used in several different electrical contact scenarios. During the session learners will have an engaging experience and obtain valuable information about how PVD’s can be implemented and managed within their organization.


  • Brady Hansen, CUSP

    Brady Hansen was born and raised in South Dakota. Brady worked his way west doing telecommunications work, eventually moving to Seattle where he joined the IBEW in Local 89 and later became a member of IBEW Local 77 after interviewing with the Northwest JATC Outside Electrical Apprenticeship. Brady achieved Journeyman Lineman status in 2006. As a Journeyman Lineman, he worked for Potelco, Wilson Construction and Bonneville Power Administration before accepting a position as a Journeyman Lineman with Avista Utilities. Brady taught in the lineman training program and worked in various lineman roles. After 8 years, he left Avista and started a training business called Written In Red Inc. and working for Safeguard Equipment. One of his proudest achievements is the founding of Electrical Workers Without Borders and performing a variety of training and work across the industry. Brady feels strongly that he is a lineman in an international community. These times allow us to connect electrical workers across the world. Together we can be safer and more effective. With mutual respect and a brotherhood that transcends borders, 21st century lineman can help the lights in our Global Village shine brighter than ever. When not working or instructing, Brady enjoys spending as much time as possible with his sons in the outdoors.