Keynote: Workplace Violence in the Electrical Construction Industry

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Workplace Violence situations are becoming more frequent than ever before. Whether your concern is about increased suicide in the industry, personalities that overshadow your current processes or a lack of policies this keynote will provide you with important information to keep your people safe.

Construction can be a high-pressure industry and this pressure leads to confrontations from verbal threats to violent attacks both in offices and on jobsites. Many incidents in this industry go unreported and this can leave your company in a vulnerable position.

Prepare your employees to prevent violence with:

  • The #1 strategy to reduce violence in the workplace
  • Identify dangerous blind spots
  • Learn the behavior that may be predictive of violence
  • What can be deadly at your organization
  • Why every leader needs the to understand the keys to de-escalation


  • Carol Cambridge

    Carol Cambridge is a national renowned speaker on Resolving Conflict in the Workplace and Reducing Workplace Violence. Her keynote will address handling of high-risk terminations, de-escalating tensions in the workplace and resolving conflicts that arise on the job. She will deliver strategies to safely navigate any conflict and transform the way we react to these situations. Safety professionals and risk managers must have the knowledge and tools to identify and address these before any situations escalate. By preparing employees to prevent violence in the workplace, everyone can make a difference and be a part of the solution, not the problem.