Equipotential Grounding for Safety in the Utility Industry

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  • Brady Hensen

    Brady Hansen

    Safeguard Equipment, Inc.

    Brady Hansen, Journeyman Lineman and CUSP, specializes in the knowledge of electrical systems, safety training classes, and personal protective equipment throughout the industry.

    Born and raised in South Dakota, Brady eventually worked his way west, achieving Journeyman Lineman status in 2006. He worked for Potelco, Wilson Construction, and Bonneville Power Administration before accepting a position as a Journeyman Lineman with Avista Utilities, where he taught in the lineman training program and worked in various lineman roles. After eight years at Avista, he started his training business, Written in Red. Brady also works for Safeguard Equipment, a company passionate about inventing personal protective equipment and addressing the global need for improvements in electrical safety.

    One of Brady’s proudest achievements was the founding of Electrical Workers Without Borders. Brady feels strongly that he is a lineman in an international community during a time in history when electrical workers from around the world can connect and unite in order to be safer and more effective. With mutual respect and a brotherhood that transcends borders, 21st century lineman can help the lights in our Global Village shine brighter than ever.

    His dedication and commitment to the industry resulted in Brady’s nomination as Journeyman Mentor of the Year by the IBEW in 2018.

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