Employer Requirements for Performing Energized Electrical Work

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Every effort is made to ensure that our employees are working on ee-energized equipment. Unfortunately, some situations don’t allow for this.

Working on energized equipment requires deep awareness, attention to detail, an understanding of potential safety hazards and how to mitigate them, and knowledge of company expectations and policies. To keep employees safe while performing work on energized equipment, Sturgeon Electric has implemented ‘Energized Work Training’.

Before a Sturgeon Electric employee can be authorized and designated to perform energized work, they must complete this training. In addition to the requirements of NFPA 70-E, Sturgeon personnel must be vetted for minimum qualifications (classification, status, CPR certified), nominated by senior leadership with formal invite, have participated in two arc flash/shock training classes (hazard and awareness and physical demonstrations of PPE and safe practices), and have participated in a proctored energized work exercise with real, energized switchgear.

As industry leaders when it comes to safety, we don’t simply rest on our laurels, Sturgeon Electric strives to continually improve our people and processes. We believe that expertise should be demonstrated and measurable, not assumed by way of a certification, years of experience, or state licensures.

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