Battling Human Error: How NFPA 70E Changes and PPE Program Best Practices Improve Your Company’s Safety Culture and Bottom Line

Session Type: Breakout Sessions

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The 2018 NFPA 70E risk assessment procedure that now utilizes the hierarchy of risk controls and addresses the potential for human error and its negative consequences on people have shed new light on arc flash PPE program “best practices”. Error precursors, such as complacency – a safety killer, which can lead to a “Normalization of Deviance” company culture must be countered with human performance tools. Human performance tools appear in Annex Q of NFPA 70E! Best practice PPE programs, with new, “want to wear” PPE product innovations, also assist in reducing the risk of catastrophic burn injury due to human error. Attendees will learn the key PPE changes in NFPA 70E and determine which “best practice” arc flash PPE program type more effectively reduces both the likelihood of occurrence and the severity of injury, increases productivity, energizes the safety culture and improves the organization’s bottom line.


  • Scott Francis

    Scott graduated from Augustana College and the University of Iowa with a M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry. Scott has been involved with the Safety Industry since 1991 and has extensive experience with the performance of protective apparel fabrics as well as protective apparel programs.

    Scott participates in a number of industry organizations, including Edison Electric Institute, National Safety Council-Utilities Division, and the Pulp and Paper Safety Association. He frequently addresses trade associations and groups regarding electric arc and flash fire hazards, body burn injury, the protective performance of flame resistant clothing, and related topics. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two sons.