Mark Breslin: Safety as a Core Value


2018 Keynote

This program examines the critical roles of culture, buy-in and accountability that have taken safety from a resented afterthought to a primary value system for top organizations. The presentation identified specific strategies to reinforce a culture over compliance, engage and collaborate across lines and out of silos, and finally encourage constructive and transparent accountability – including peer to peer on the job efforts. The four-letter word is not rule. It is not fear. It is CARE. The evolution of culture is significantly being impacted as well by demographic changes, workplace expectations and giving people a lot more than a paycheck to bring their best.

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Meet Mark Breslin!

Mark Breslin is an author, speaker, CEO and influencer at the highest levels of business in North America. He has spent decades advising CEOs and senior leaders in business, government, labor and nonprofit arenas in both the U.S. and Canada. As a top rated public speaker and strategist, he has spoken live to more than 300,000 people. His five bestselling books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and have improved leadership, accountability, profitability, innovation and engagement for organizations and individuals.

Influencing groups from 50 to 5,000 at a time, Mark drives home the lessons needed for positive change that create profound results in the workplace. Noted in the New York Times, major trade magazines and frequently interviewed by media outlets focusing on business, his imprint and influence have been widely recognized.

He has served for three decades as CEO of one of the largest trade associations of its type in the United States. He was educated at San Francisco State University in Industrial Design and has taught at both Sonoma State and Golden Gate Universities in California.


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