2018 Keynotes

Mark Breslin

Safety as a Core Value

This program examines the critical roles of culture, buy-in and accountability that have taken safety from a resented afterthought to a primary value system for top organizations. The presentation identified specific strategies to reinforce a culture over compliance, engage and collaborate across lines and out of silos, and finally encourage constructive and transparent accountability – including peer to peer on the job efforts. The four-letter word is not rule. It is not fear. It is CARE. The evolution of culture is significantly being impacted as well by demographic changes, workplace expectations and giving people a lot more than a paycheck to bring their best.

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Brandon Schroeder

Believe in Safety

After surviving an arc flash accident, which landed him in the hospital and required an extensive recovery process, Brandon Schroeder keenly felt the value in sharing his story. Not only was it a poignant narrative, but it also drove home the fact that an arc flash accident impacts more than just you personally.

Drawing from more than 15 years in the field and highlighting the role of safety with his own experience, Brandon now shares his stories with electricians, and safety managers and engineers to help shape the industry’s approach to electrical safety. He connects with them on a deeper level, because he is one of them – someone who had to make continuous decisions each day in order to return home to his family. In sharing his story and what he learned, he hopes to foster a movement to believe in safety…

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