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Vice President, DiVal Safety

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Safety 4 the Right Reasons

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Getting employees to value safety and safe behavior are the constant challenges faced by todays companies.  “Safe 4 the Right Reasons” explains why we behave this way and can be used as the foundation of how to work with employees in avoiding accidents and to value safety. Safe 4 the Right Reasons is basic understanding of human behavior and why we do the things we do. This program Motivates employees in avoiding accidents and to value their own safety and addresses how to get Employee’s to adopt and value safe behavior. Dale offers a fresh approach and makes his message personal for every employee which is the key to his effectiveness. Dale’s ability to incorporate audience participation, fun, humor, real world situations that everyone can relate to and the ability to uncover each and every attendee’s personal motivation for safety has made this presentation a national favorite.


Dale Lesinski is the Vice President of Sales and Training for DiVal Safety Equipment in Buffalo NY. DiVal Safety is an International leader in safety supplies and training. Dale Lesinski has been a Keynote amp featured speaker at the NSC (National Safety Council) & OSHA VPPPA National and Regional Conferences as well as several local and regional Safety Associations. He also is a frequent guest lecturer for the Undergraduate and MBA programs at several Western New York Colleges and Universities. Dale has earned the distinction of a master communicator through his ability to incorporate his areas of expertise in sales, marketing, communication, presentation skills, public speaking, athletic coaching and adult learning.

As one of the principal leaders of DiVal Safety, Dale has played an integral role in the growth and development of DiVal Safety. As an industry innovator, Dale’s vision for DiVal Safety’s annual EXPO & Summit has educated tens of thousands. These events are regarded as the premier independent safety conferences in North America.

Dale Lesinski is also a QSSP (Qualified Safety Sales Representative). Throughout his 25 years of safety sales experience, he has visited and toured over 500 manufacturing plants and job sites that include virtually every aspect of industry, construction, municipality and utility.

As a motivational speaker and safety trainer, Dale has impacted tens of thousands and has been recognized as a leader in the safety field. He has a unique ability to effectively deliver his message to it is relevant and personal for each attendee. Dale has been a featured presenter at conferences and companies across the United States and Canada.

He has been selected to present the Leadership Keynote at the 2013, 2014 & 2015 National Congress of the National Safety Council. Dale is a Member of National Safety Council’s Executive Advisory Board for Congress and active member of American Society of Safety Engineers.

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